Goddess Of Seduction
July 24th, 2012 by Goddess MiaGrace

Leg Worship with Your Goddess

You know, you don't get legs as lovely as mine without a lot of hard work. I put in work at the gym (and other places) to keep my legs in such beautiful shape. And I think that hard work deserves a reward. Don't you? I'm perfectly willing to allow you to give me my reward in the form of some leg worship.

Worshipping My Long Legs

This will be perfect to show me how deeply you wish to serve me.

Start at my ankles and then slowly work your way up, kissing and caressing the soft, golden skin of your Goddess. Do not stray above my knees, though, unless I give you permission. If you want to worship my thighs, you'll have to earn it. But if you do well worshipping my legs, I may reward you in an exciting way.

A Reward From Your Goddess

What might your reward be? Be patient pet. Once you finished kissing and massaging my calves, I'm going to give you some my Rose lotion to put on them. Make sure you get them even softer then they already are…if that’s even possible! I know worshipping my legs and me overall and pleasing me also gives you pleasure. The reward I’d gift to you? The privilege of worshipping and pleasing me again. I do not allow this privilege to just anyone so understand that it is a huge honor I’d be giving to you and that you would continue to earn each time you are in my presence.