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Ready To Be Seduced?   

     There is more than one side to me, I am multidimensional! I have the day to day work side and I do have the more adult playful side to me. Here I do hope others will get to feel more comfortable with themselves as society can make one feel that they are wrong for having these normal human being thoughts. I just seem to have an extra dose and don’t mind sharing. #SHARINGISCARING. Some of you might feel the same way. I might repeat this from time to time throughout the site because this really is one of my main purposes of this site. I also want to give others a place to have fun . This was once a porn site, then a vlog of my life, and now it’s turned to be about me as a Goddess.

**** Privacy kept, no real names unless I am given permission. No fine details of the person. No details of private parties, etc. If there is a way to find out who was there ( those that went, of course you will know ) I keep that part out. Privacy privacy privacy, the names and some details left out to protect us guilty ones. Release forms are signed for those who will be seen. Many of my day to day activities are indeed omitted from this site. A girl has to keep some things private. 

     Now, it’s time to open another chapter of myself to you. My Goddess side. I’ve always oozed sensuality. I’ve been called a Goddess since my 20’s. I wasn’t ready for it yet. Now, I have not only embraced it, I have nurtured and cultivated it.

 **** I’d like to say thank you to all of those who have helped me to become more secure in this and get to the point that I can share my sensuality, be a Goddess to even more who seek it.

     I have always loved to wear Fetish clothing for as long as I remember. I never did anything but wear it. I was even asked, as a teen, if I was a Domme, by a passing stranger. After a few times of hearing this question a few times, I decided that I must look into it. I do not care to give pain, I care to give love, passion, seduction. I am a giver by default, well, one plus one equals two! So, here I am. Having a background of 11 years in the army reserves, you know that I not only have the discipline but also the control needed as a Domme. 

     Now be kind, this site is done out of my own pocket. If you wish to make donations of any size, you can do so, go to the JOIN NOW page. If you think that you can do it better, have unsolicited comments on how this would be better for you, please, go make your own site, I’d love to see you happy!


Veronica, your Goddess Pink Seduction  #ClassySexy #multidimensional