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Want your Tale up in lights?

Are you good at telling a TALE? I don’t mean telling a lie, I mean writing skills. Use your profile name ( when you register for free ) on here and send me your Tale! I will post the name you give to use, then send me your Tale for it to be a POST, not a tale shared just as a comment. You get to have the spotlight. Your Tale gets posted as a blog for all to see! If you loaded a photo in your profile, I can insert it in the TALE, if you’d like.

Send your Tale to pinkclife@yahoo.com or post it as a comment here or on the CHAT page, I’ll get it and post it!img 456 450

Make it juicy so I will make other entries wait and put yours 1st! But if it’s too juicy, it will have to go into paid access.

Don’t worry if you forget and add too much detail in real identities, I’ll proof read it to see if you need the extra eyes to make sure it keeps anonymity.

DO YOU SHOOT VIDEO? Yep, you can get video spotlight of the month, too!  Got one? Send it me via email or wetransfer.com along with a release is all it takes? How good are you?


You don’t have to write about sex. You can write about pretty much anything as long as you SHARE YOUR TALE. This site got started as a porn site and now look at it, it’s become a blog. It is multi-dimensional just like its creator. This site doesn’t have to be just about sex or just about porn, my day to day or just about any one particular topic. How did it come that way? Like I said because it’s the Creator who is that way and you ask well how did the Creator come that way? After I saw men say different things they needed, I would look at men and say how can I keep their attention? What could I do to keep them from straying? They like this, then they like that, well how can it be both ways? Well maybe it is both ways because they need that variety to keep their attention. Okay so I took all the different things about me one at a time and focused on them to see if it really was me and if so how can I strengthen that part of me so all the different aspects of me are definitely prominent.


My friends would say well Veronica if you are so big on exercising and eating healthy while you’re eating this cheesecake? Why are you drinking the dessert wine? Because I’m multi-dimensional lol. I do stay in shape because I only have that glass of wine or slice of cheesecake once in awhile and you happen to be the lucky winner today who gets to witness it, lol. I might like to hang out at the beach, I do. I might like to be in the city, well, I do, those are simple yet valid opposites for example.

When you live how do you not become a part of some things along the way? If it truly letting go and enjoy life, I don’t see how that cannot happen unless you’re not really focused on what you are experiencing. Hard to explain but I hope you get what I mean. There’s no reason why you can like white and then like black, why do you have to be grey? Anyway as I became more seasoned in life, I realized these things. It is okay. When I was younger people used to say those things about me and I allowed them to make me feel like I was confused. Then as I got older, I realized that it was their insecurities they were feeling so they turned it around to make me feel like less. Well let’s agree to disagree, how about that, but then again some people can’t agree to disagree, they’re going to try and force you to see things their way and when that happens I simply say, next!


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35 Responses so far.

  1. Mike Mike says:

    Little under the weather today causing me to miss a party tonight but as consolation I found my way to the Video Section of your Site.


    • PinkCougar says:

      Good! Thanks for being a member!

      I got your TALE lol and it’s in line to post in the not too distant future!

      Thanks again baby

      • Mike Mike says:


        You are Very Welcome. Thanks providing the vehicle to relive the experiences in the telling and I hope some other folks get off on it as well!

        Have a Sexy Weekend and Week!!


  2. Mike Mike says:

    Fun Lip-Sync Clip, Enjoyed it. Quick though it was!! Loved the Dog too!!


  3. Mike Mike says:

    OH WELL! BYW What is the Dog’s name? Fun Clip!


  4. Mike Mike says:

    Very SEXY in the Black Bikini/White Chair! My imagination is alive!!


  5. Mike Mike says:

    Black Bikini/White Chair

    Love to play those Strings and hear you Sing!!


  6. Mike Mike says:

    Black Bikini: Prefer the First Pic! In my imagination it is an easier position in which to Play. Reminds me of the fun I had with someone in a similar position. Although Pic 2 reminds me of another Fun time as well Cum to think of it.


  7. Mike Mike says:


    I KNOW you enjoyed yourself last night with a few Cubs in that Colorful Club wear!! You Looked GREAT!!